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Mission – Assist college and high school students in expanding their real work

experience through diverse work-based learning activities.


By 2025, millennials will be a projected 46 percent of all U.S. workers. According to Pew Research,

millennials are going to dominate all the Labor Bureau Statistics numbers—employment and unemployment. Students graduating today are far less certain to get a high-paying job than eight years ago.  WHY?

  • Lack of work experience

  • Lack of global knowledge

  • Lack of leadership and technical skills

  • Lack of business professional development

  • Lack of understanding of how a business operates or what is expected at work.

Today's students need a learned person; someone who by long study has

    gained mastery in one or more career industries to help ensure their success.

        By sharing their knowledge. 

                Become a Business Mentor 


The National Coalition of Resources has developed a research-based system for student business development training for the high school and college levels. The NCOR Student Professional Development Project helps students to develop strong interpersonal and conceptual skills, as well as skills of agility and adaptability. This program is an excellent resource for finding that "just right" intern to enhance your corporate brand.

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       How Student Real Work        Experience Benefit Businesses

  • Non-Paid Support Services

  • Varied Work-based Periods

  • (2 Days to 60 Days)

  • Culturally Fit

  • Detail Oriented

  • High Standard of Business Ethics

  • Leadership Strength

  • Project Management Skills

  • Year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals

  • Students bring new perspectives to old problems

  • Visibility of your organization is increased on campus

  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects

  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue more creative projects

  • Flexible, cost-effective work force not requiring a long-term employer commitment

  • Proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees

  • Corporate image in the community is enhanced as it contributes its expertise to the educational enterprise

  • Multiple Schedules

  • Long-Term Potential

  • Market Shrewdness

  • Relevant Coursework

  • High Academic Success

  • Experience with Today’s Economy

  • Service Quality

  • Self-Managed

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