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The National Coalition of Resources is an organization designed to support those who are seeking practical resources necessary to have sustainable employment or a well-functioning business sufficient to maintain sustainable growth. 


For over 12 years, NCOR and its partners have been providing clients with highly qualified technology specialists and products that are cost-effective.  Our services  include but are not limited to:

  • Business continuity and resiliency services

  • Cloud computing Security service

  • Data center services Integrated communications services

  • Services for the Mobile Enterprise

  • Services for IT Managers Strategy and design consulting services

  • Technical support services

  • Outsourcing services & Application outsourcing

  • Global process services

NCOR is a leader in services relating to all aspects of the training design and delivery including:

  • Higher education externships and Internships

  • Pre-college programs

  • Mobile Career Training (Hard & Soft)

  • Training needs analysis  and workplace assessment

  • Recognition of prior learning delivery models

  • Training for engineering assessment methods

  • Quantitative and qualitative program evaluations

  • Quality assurance programs

  • Student performance and social interaction

  • Counseling and case management


NCOR is a reliable source and activist for altruistic nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations. With the support of a network of businesses and organizations, NCOR is the catalyst for activating and synchronizing partnerships, fundraising, developing corporate leadership and managing events that support initiatives that impact local communities nationally and internationally. NCOR uses a variety of research tools to identify emerging trends, best practices and marketing solutions that will support organizations and the communities they serve.

National Coalition of Resources provides custom-made solutions that enhances innovative performance to generate long-lasting competitive benefits.  We focus on diverse and cohesive efforts to support management and operations.  Our process begins with: Market Research  -----   Strategic Planning  ---- Operational Planning ---- Enterprise Assessment  ----- Re-evaluation ... AND   ENDS   WITH   SUSTAINABILITY. The National Coalition of Resources will work diligently each day to strategically build alliances between your company and those that complement your objectives.  We commit to saving your company substantial expense, time, effort and staff in realizing your company's goals.  We can do this by 1)  strengthening your corporate image; 2) proving the most knowledgeable consultants in the field; 3) establishing strong and sustainable partners; and 4) building a repertoire of business opportunities that have been tested for success.



NCOR has a highly qualified  team of specialists that will manage your fiscal operations:  Budget Accounting, Financial Reporting, Information Technology, Payroll, and Purchasing.

NCOR uses a variety of approaches to transform communities and corporate environments in which opportunities for service as well as revenue for future growth can exist. NCOR has a history of working with faith-based organizations, foundations, and federal, local and state governments to campaign for a multitude of causes and initiatives, policies, regulations and guidelines that will profit businesses, families and individuals by producing affordable solutions.

Focus on Connecting
Improving Quality of Life
Stretching the Possible
Trends that Grow
Building Platforms for Success
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