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Businesses - Staffing

What sets us apart from other consultant and managing companies? First, we focus on the future aspirations of the client and their personal and/or company's ability to accomplish their objectives. We listen closely and take the time to understand their complete services and programs as well as their staffing and financial picture such as company liabilities, on-hand cash, assets, taxes, and investments.


We believe every child, family and neighborhood is deserving of an opportunity for a sustainable future. It is our responsibility as a society to help promote, encourage and foster goals and missions to ensure this justificable future. We further believe that this challenge has been well promoted by nonprofits.

Educational  Institutions

NCOR has a strong history in supporting educational institutions and their boards.  Over fifty percent of our staff have more than 15 years of experience in lower and higher education as superintendents, professors, coordinators, evaluators, grant writers, chief financial officers, marketers, and fundraisers.  NCOR has developed strategic plans, written proposals for doctoral studies, managed extended year programs, worked with teacher negotiation teams, conducted professional development seminars, and other academic work.

Individuals  &  COMMUNITIES

NCOR is dedicated to supporting the needs of those less fortunate or those who have limited voices. Over the years, our staff, partners, and friends have joined us in providing business development training, family resources such as supporting families in obtaining affordable homes, and educational support services for individuals and communities nationwide.  It has always been our mission to provide a helping hand with the knowledge that each one served will help others.

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